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I chatted by email with a few nice men over the site, met with a couple of them in person and started dating one of them. I’m over 50 and it seems there are quite a few sugar daddies out there who are looking for a more mature match. I couldn’t have been happier in my current arrangement!

54breezepreschool teacherLos Angeles, CA

I used this website 2yrs ago and found my sugar daddy in as little as 1 week. We met up and found out we where right for each other, he helped me through nursing school and paid my bills. He was a great guy, then he had to move on which I understand which he told me in the beginning. But we had a blast and I would strongly recommended this website if you want to better your life. Thanks for reading, enjoy your search, there are still Great Guys Out there willing to help you out!!!

BaylornurseWaco, TX

I really like it. I actually have seen some of these women on POF and other sites so I know they are real, not like FriendFinder. The fake emails from women in the Russia can be bothersome but hey, there are spammers everywhere nowadays. I do think the pricing is a bit high, if it were closer to $30 a month total, I’d bet you’d have 30x more paid members. But overall you get what you pay for. It’s been worth every penny so far.

DougentrepreneurMilwaukee, WI

I think the site, for what it is set up for, is great…. There are a ton of other sites that offer the same benefits, but cost much, much more more…. On the whole, I have found it to be a good site for meeting the type of man I am looking for…. As with any website, you need to be cautious in giving out your personal information, but safety is something the site takes very seriously…. I have run into few ‘spammer’ profiles, but when I let the site know, they were quick in shutting them down…. I have met several men from this site, and all were as they claimed to be…. I enjoy my interactions here, and have recommended it to my friends, both male and female….

SensualAndSweetbookkeeperPottstown, PA

Back when I first started using this website I was very skeptical about it. I thought it was just another website full of fake rich old me trying to score but I was wrong. The more i got into it the more I realized how great this site is. It gives women and men the opportunity to meet with successful individuals who want nothing more than to share their success with you. Now me personally, I’ve met a lot of great guys but not anything long term yet although I’m working on it. I highly recommend this site to anyone who’s tired of the dating scene and want to meet someone they connect with.

Stacianna23hair stylistAtlanta, GA

I have been in love more times than I can count! I like this site because I can get treated like a queen, appreciated, mentored and respected as a mature woman should be!! At the end of the night they go home and I go home! I have spent too many years in broken and dysfunctional relationships! I want to do me and be spoiled for a change! I am a full time student so it works!! I have been on many sugar daddy sites and sdfm is the best one!!

Dinahundergrad studentPhoenix, AZ

Sugar Daddy for me Is the best sugar site! I have met so many great people on the site. I am glad I joined and encourage all sugar babies and sugar daddies to join in the the fun we are having.

Koziefashion designerNew York City, NY

The good … I have met some great ladies here for both short term and long term relationships. After about 6 months of enjoyment I have entered what seems will be a long term SD relationship. We have great chemistry and I am truly helping my lady to gain the education needed be a success. The bad – as the site says – experience taught me, simply refuse to send money ahead of meeting, no matter how good the story.

buizman1attorneyBirgminham, United Kingdom

From all the different dating sites I have seen or heard about or been on, this one to me seems the most respectable and in a lot of ways most helpful in getting people together. I have been down and out for some time, and your site is my chance to meet people who may be able to help me varies ways in getting my life back together. I haven’t as yet been able to become a member as I am waiting on a paycheck, but I can at least still see those who have viewed me and are interested and can make a calm rational decision who I might like to become better acquainted. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

MHsmall business ownerHarrisburg, PA

Much difficulty understanding the membership requirements and related communications at first; even quit for awhile. However, you gave me a one month free membership to come back and now, I love it. It is the best on the web for my experience. I have communicated with over 200 women, currently am talking with about 15, and in the process of narrowing them down to one sugar baby princess. If all continues to go well, I will be renewing my membership.

tooreel919entrepreneurGreensboro, NC


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